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1. This password is a way too long! In order to make block-chain network the safe place to be it requires that long password. Think about your money on your account, it must be safe for you. You can also use this password to recover your wallet on occasion.

2. Entering 12 words takes too much time. That's true, you may shorten up log in by downloading and providing this wallet file on log in. During the wallet file download you'll be asked to define the password, which you'll be using on log in.

If the file log in doesn't work for you, we may suggest to print this QR code which stores the 12 words password. This option however will only work on phones or special device for desktops and laptops.

Your may also consider the most safe solution by purchasing USB hardware devices e.g. Ledger Nano or Trezor.

3. Why not use the standard email/password? laborX is a project based on block-chain technology. The technology is removing the need of such information and suggests more safer and anonymous way of work using internet. However, you will have a right to provide the data, e.g. Name, email, date of birth, etc. later on to other people if you decide so.

4. What is the block-chain network again? Block-chain network is a place where database is stored de-centralazied, on every participant computer, special architecture makes block-chain technology the most secure up to date and removing intermediates, who can use your data not in good way.

5. And crypto-currencies? Crypto-currencies are problem-solvers, e.g. Bitcoin has removed need of intermediate, for example banks, which made transaction cheaper, faster and in the most secure way. Another crypto-currency Etherium made possible to make electronic contracts automated and safe for all sides.

6. What is LH? LH (LabourHour) is a crypto-currency invented by laborX, a ChronoBank project, and solving an issue of inflation. To learn more please read laborX Whitepaper and ChronoBank Whitepaper.

7. I have more questions. For more information please visit our Q&A

Security Guidelines

1. Copy you Account Password (Mnemonic key) on Paper. Don't save your password on a computer, copy it on a paper and store in a safe place.

2. Don't share your wallet file with anyone you don't trust. Even the wallet file is protected by password, the file still can be used against you and you may lose your funds. To avoid the situation do not share your file with anyone.

3. What if I've lost my Account Password (Mnemonic Key)? You may use you wallet file instead.

4. What if I don't have neither Wallet file nor Account Password (Mnemonic Key)? We do not store this information and Your account will be lost together with all your funds and history.

5. Following the simple rules will make your account secure.

I have read QA and followed security guidelines given on this page

I have read and agree with Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (both should open in pop-up)

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